The Manx Government will be facing some major challenges in the next five years but if we can overcome them - and overcome them we must - then the Isle of Man will be on a really secure footing. At such an important time in the Island's evolution we need MHKs with political experience and vision to reduce expenditure and grow the economy. 

I believe my track record over the past five years demonstrates determination and forward-thinking. I would be grateful for the opportunity of continuing to work with my fellow residents, and Middle's local authorities, for the good of the constituency and the Island.

The five main challenges we face are: 

 1. Managing the liability of public sector pensions over the next 40 years. 

 2. Balancing still further the loss of £200 million in VAT receipts - now down to £75 million. 

 3. Handling, and responding to, the attacks on offshore finance centres which are likely to increase in the coming years. 

 4. To continue the provision of a sustainable and high quality health and social care service. 

 5. To ensure the Isle of Man is not forgotten during the aftermath of the UK's decision to leave the European Community. 

The Brexit decision has come as a shock to many people but it is now a reality and there is no point in going back over old ground. We must press for the most favourable conditions possible in any post-Brexit negotiations. It is not all doom and gloom as many positive opportunities will present themselves so it is essential that - when they occur - the new Government is in a position to take advantage, as well as creating its own initiatives. 

During my time as Health Minister I have overseen the development of a new health and social care strategy and introduced the Isle of Man's first-ever mental health and wellbeing policy. I also took a motion to Tynwald aimed at initiating a development fund to help new businesses locate to the Island and enable local business to expand. 

Over the last five years, I have shown I can be innovative and prepared to tackle major issues rather than just point scoring. I have worked with the Office of Fair-trading to bring forward legislation to ban cold calling on the Island. I did this with a view to protecting the public from rogue builders and other sharp practices. I was the politician who was successful in persuading Tynwald to bring forward the long overdue Disability Discrimination Act. It was also my Tynwald motion of February 2014 which pointed out that Public Sector Pensions were unsustainable and urgent changes had to be made. 

* Due to the boundary and electoral changes Middle will now send two members to the House of Keys.
   The constituency also welcomes back residents of Santon.

O N E  G O O D  T E R M  D E S E R V E S  A N O T H E R

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